NEA-DVR handles all the packaging, streaming and recording necessary for the preparation and network delivery of cloud DVR, Catch-Up TV, Timeshift, live channels to a range of targeted devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers, according to distribution policy.

NEA-DVR product is used in a cloud DVR solution as an ingest server or a playback server. As an ingest server, the NEA-DVR will store live contents and as a playback server, will package and stream it to the network.

With a new Embedded Distributed Storage solution, data are shared among at least 4 NEA-DVR equipments, which provide High Availability in case of failure and higher streaming performance.

Giving the ability to the subscribers to schedule his own recordings (EPG-based or Instant-based), NEA-DVR also offers the Catch-UP TV capability alongside traditional live, start-over and timeshift.

NEA-DVR is part of the cloud DVR solution with NEA-DB which is used as the entry point for the BackOffice and also as a central Database.


  • Live TV
  • Timeshift / Pause TV / Start-over
  • 7 days catchup TV
  • VOD
  • Infinite Cloud DVR solution
  • Embedded Distributed Storage


  • Cloud DVR solution for individual instant-based or EPG-based recordings
  • Optimized Embedded Distributed Storage for High-Availability and Ingest/Playback performance
  • Origin server for catch-up YV and VoD delivery managed by a backoffice
  • On-demand / On-the-fly packaging (HTTP Streaming Protocol) and filtering of audio, video and subtitles
  • Encoder agnostic
  • Multi-DRM, it protects and packages your live content