ViaMotion Suite

ViaMotion is a complete multiscreen Over-the-Top (OTT) video solution for telcos, broadcasters and content owners. Designed to empower next-generation Cloud DVR and multiscreen solutions, Anevia’s OTT solution includes the Viamotion Plus server for multiplexing and streaming live on-demand content over the internet using adaptive-bitrate streaming.

ViaMotion is the only solution to require just a single copy of the video stream to be carried. Then, by repackaging that stream at the edge of the network, the appropriate video format can be reproduced to fit any device. From PCs and tablets all the way to mobile phones, set-top boxes and connected-TVs, ViaMotion servers support all major HTTP video standards including Microsoft Silverlight Smooth Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Adobe Flash Video for browsers and MPEG DASH.

ViaMotion brings three revolutionary features into play:

  • Packaging on the fly supports the ever-growing number of devices;
  • Packaging on demand helps limit the traffic to what is actually required
  • Packaging on the edge massively offloads the CDN and thus dramatically reduces bandwidth requirements.



Icone-plusIn a single product, ViaMotion PLUS handles all the packaging, streaming and recording necessary for the preparation and network delivery of media streams to a range of targeted devices. Read more.
Icone-edgeViaMotion Edge Server cashes and distributes high-demand premium content from the origin server’s head-end out to local audiences. Read more. 

As part of the Anevia CDN solution, ViaMotion Balancer helps route the IPTV and HTTP requests to the appropriate edge servers as specified by the operator.