ViaMotion Edge


In order to provide optimal end-user TV experience at every location, the ViaMotion Edge Server cashes and distributes high-demand premium content from the origin server’s head-end out to local audiences.



Until now the choice for video content providers was to stream video as dynamic content directly from their origin server or to rely on a commercial CDN to deliver video locally.

The latter is in most cases a much better and more efficient option. Given the choice between a commercial CDN or no CDN, it is better to stream video over a commercial CDN.  However, this still requires support for multiple types of packaged streams from the origin server to the edge server since commercial CDNs do not offer edge packagers.

Also, relying on an origin server to stream video implies huge amounts of bandwidth consumption. Most video content providers continue to rely on commercial CDNs to deliver their video content to the end viewer. In many cases this can be a good enough solution. However, when looking to offer the very best video service possible, to improve the overall quality of service, and optimise efficient use of network resources, service providers need to consider implementing CDN technology optimised for video content.

  • ViaMotion is the only solution to require just a single copy of the video stream to be carried. Then, by repackaging that stream at the edge of the network, the appropriate video format can be reproduced to fit any device.

  • Packaging on the edge’ massively offloads the CDN and thus dramatically reduces bandwidth requirements.

  • With ViaMotion, packaging is done on the fly and on-demand in order to support the ever-growing number of devices.