ViaMotion Plus

In a single product, ViaMotion PLUS handles all the packaging, streaming and recording necessary for the preparation and network delivery of media streams to a range of targeted devices, according to distribution policy.

Live TV, Cloud DVR, Video-On-Demand, and the full range of associated services can be up and running in just a few days, ensuring the best possible experience for your content subscribers. In addition to optimizing usage of your infrastructure and reducing your operating expense, ViaMotion PLUS allows you to monetize your video services.


Features & benefits

  • Fast multiscreen service deployment for live channel delivery over HTTP
  • Live & Timeshift streaming server for quality content delivery to multiple screens
  • Simple origin server for Live streams delivery
  • On-Demand / On-the-Fy packaging and filtering of audio, video and subtitles
  • Encoder agnostic (EBP Cablelabs), Microsoft Smooth Streaming
  • Multi-DRM or Manual Key, it protects and packages your live content

Non-linear services enabler

A key feature ViaMotion Plus is its support for MPEG-DASH. Anevia is committed to the ongoing evolution of MPEG-DASH as an open standard for connected TVs and enabler of the European Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV iniative, HbbTV.

In addition to MPEG-DASH, ViaMotion Plus also supports live and offline packaging of video content into HLS for Apple devices, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and Flash HDS.  In order to allow operators to make the most of their video ingest and encoding workflow, Anevia’s ViaMotion server is able to repackage content directly from native video transport streams for all the major third party encoders including those from Harmonic, Elemental, ATEME, Envivio, and Thomson Video Networks. This allows operator to use a single transport stream for both managed IPTV and unmanaged over-the-top services.

Anevia, with its historical roots in the development of the hugely successful VLC media player, is committed to providing open and hardware-agnostic solutions for multiscreen video delivery. This is strongly reflected in the ViaMotion Plus software-based solution which includes support for third-party encoders, content delivery networks, DRM systems such as Verimatrix, Viaccess and Conax and storage systems such as EMC-Isilon, IBM.

Future-proof solution

Services such as live video streaming or recording should not be locked into specific devices. They should support as many devices, formats, DRM systems and encoders as possible.

Another key advantage of Anevia’s software approach is the ability to continually enhance, add new features, and support all new standards arising on the market.

As new devices and formats come along, Anevia will be able to add support for these in updates to the ViaMotion software.