Multiscreen CDN

The video industry as a whole is facing an explosion of devices and formats along with a great expansion in their use plus strong demand for video and new services. Demand for video content is expected to continue growing rapidly over the coming years as more people use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to access video services. The new generation of connected TVs or smart TVs will also drive video traffic over the internet. By 2017, according to Cisco, 90% of global internet traffic will be video.

Voice and data over the internet are still managed by traditional content delivery networks that are not configured to optimise video delivery. However, video content is different from other types of web content: It is by far the most bandwidth-hungry type of digital content and inherently real-time.

Video intelligence must be brought to the CDNs in order for offer the very best video service possible, to improve the overall quality of service and experience (QOS & QOE), and to optimise efficient use of network resources.

ViaMotion is a complete Over-the-Top (OTT) video solution for telcos, cable operators, broadcasters and content owners. Anevia’s OTT solution uses the ViaMotion Plus Server to empower the next generation video CDNs: live and on-demand content are multiplexed and streamed over the internet using adaptive-bitrate streaming so that picture quality is optimised to available bandwidth.


Packaging in the edge

 Another key trend impacting the CDN is the growing demand for multiscreen services along with a decline of IPTV services. To offer a way for service providers to continue serving their IPTV customers while gradually rolling out new multiscreen services over the internet, Anevia has developed a unified solution that relies on a single video CDN platform for both IPTV and adaptive bitrate (ABR).

ABR implies the deployment of non-linear services to be executed as far as possible in the network to guarantee a cost-efficient and fully optimised CDN.

  • Packaging on the edge: This requires a single copy of the video stream to be carried over the network. By repackaging that stream at the edge of the network, the appropriate video format can then be reproduced to fit any device.
  • Recording on the edge: to avoid the recording services having to be carried through the backbone
  • Ad insertion on the edge to enable targeted ad-insertion
  • Scrambling on the edge

Anevia has extensive experience in the deployment of IPTV CDNs, dating back to 2003, along with a proven skill in packaging solutions for deployment to the highly quality-conscious service providers and broadcasters.

Viamotion is a future-proof and easy-to-deploy video CDN solution which enables service providers or cable operators to optimise storage, reduce bandwidth usage and deploy advanced digital services.



the ViaMotion Edge Server cashes and distributes high-demand premium content from the origin server’s head-end out to local audiences. Read more.

ViaMotion Plus


In a single product, ViaMotion PLUS handles all the packaging, streaming and recording necessary for the preparation and network delivery of media streams to a range of targeted devices, according to distribution policy. Read more.