Multiscreen Head End

For operators, Multiscreen is an additional screen, another way to view television programmes.

 The video industry as a whole is facing an explosion of devices and formats along with a great expansion in their use and a strong demand for videos and new services.

In 2013, fewer households have TV because they are watching video on mobile devices instead. In the same period, eMarketer has estimated that the average time spent with digital media per day surpassed TV viewing time among US adults.

By 2017, according to Cisco: 

  • 90% of global internet traffic will be video
  • The number of mobile devices and connections is expected to jump from 7 billion in 2013 to 10 billion by 2018
  • Video on-Demand traffic will triple


This poses a challenge to traditional delivery infrastructures which are not optimised for video delivery. To address both the bandwidth and storage issues at hand, the industry needs to bring scalability, flexibility and cost optimisation into the equation.

Anevia has developed Viamotion to bring three revolutionary features into play:

  • Packaging on the fly supports the ever-growing number of devices;
  • Packaging on demand helps limit the traffic to what is actually required
  • Packaging on the edge massively offloads the CDN and thus dramatically reduces bandwidth requirements.


Multiscreen also gives operators new ways to monetise their content with special features such as ad-insertion and the ability to scale invoicing to duration (hour-based for instance).

Our mission is to provide scalable and flexible solutions enabling content and service providers to offer the best video experience for their customers while optimising their infrastructures and creating new revenue streams:

  • Software-based solutions allow for scaling up in line with growth.
  • Scalable and flexible: to match widely differing numbers of subscribers, channels, services, etc.
  • Ready for timeshifting: Features such as catchup TV and pause TV allow innovative new services.
  • Multiformat support: Support for multiple HTTP video formats for streaming to multiple types of devices.