VIAMOTION INFINITE, The ultimate Cloud DVR solution

Consumers are used to recording live programs, and they are now eager for more freedom: they want to record several channels at the same time, access the full program even if they missed the beginning, watch it at home or on the go, on a tablet, at a friend’s house. As technical barriers subside with the rise of network DVR solutions, the time has come for operators and content providers to deploy non-linear TV.

 Anevia helps operators and broadcasters deploy timeshift TV and Cloud Digital Video Recording services in a very short time. It allows them to capture new subscribers and develop loyalty while optimizing storage and CDN costs.


The sparse channel technology: full storage and CDN optimization

  1. Manage resolutions for catch-up
  2. Shared recording content
  3. Infinite duration (up to several years)
  4. Event based, Instant based, Time based: content never gets duplicated
  5. Manage maximum and minimum retention time
  6. Timeline editing capabilities
  7. Permanent storage optimisation




Users can record a channel in advance or immediately. They can even record several channels simultaneously. In a shared-copy Cloud DVR model, the number of users does not impact the recording infrastructure or the quality of service: a single recording instance can be shared by several users – from 1 to 1 million.




ViaMotion INFINITE truly optimizes storage and CDN caching ratios, allowing users to share the same fragments.  




nDVR service benefits

  1. Multiscreen recording and playback
  2. Event-based, Time-based and Instant-based recording
  3. Ability to record current program
  4. Ability to record multiple programs simultaneously
  5. Instant playback
  6. Pause/Restart, Start-over & Catch-up
  7. No limitations with regards to network recording capacity


A future-proof solution

    1. Future-proof user recording libraries
    2. Automatic updates and integration of new profiles, formats and DRMs
    3. Playback on any device (video, audio, subtitles) thanks to on-the fly and on-demand packaging
    4. Monitor and analyze recording activity
    5. Control video recording and playback


A cost-effective solution

    1. Reduce STB hard drive and maintenance costs
    2. Optimize central and distributed object storage
    3. Maximize CDN caching ratio
    4. Extend resources with Cloud services
    5. Manage minimum and maximum retention time for Catch-up and Long-tail playback



ViaMotion INFINITE is compatible with major storage technology providers – from NAS to Cloud.
For operators willing to invest and manage their own data centers and server farms internally, ViaMotion INFINTE can be hosted on the premises.



In order for the playout infrastructure to scale up to user demand, ViaMotion PLUS can be hosted in Cloud services such as Amazon or others based on Openstack.



Many operators and broadcasters have deployed nPVR solutions with Anevia already, and ViaMotion INFINITE is here to give them the new competitive edge: it’s called next-generation Cloud DVR and it allows them to offer unlimited Cloud DVR services to their subscribers.