On Demand TV (nPVR)

Over the last few years, consumers have become used to recording live programming. Now they expect the freedom to record several channels at once and to watch it on any device, from any location, with access to the full programme even if they missed the beginning. With a networked DVR solution, the technical barriers to such advanced functionality disappear, enabling operators and content providers to exploit the rich new opportunities of non-linear TV.



  • Live TV allows the users to access anywhere, anytime on any devices their live events
  • Pause TV / Time-shift allows the users to pause the channel they are currently watching and resume the playing a few minutes later from the point where it was paused. After resuming, users can fast forward to the point where it catches-up with the broadcast
  • Start-Over TV / Re-Start TV is the solution to the initial part of a program missed. Users that tune in to a program a few minutes late can watch the program from its beginning using re-start TV
  • Rewind TV  enables the replay of the scene just broadcasted on the channel being watched: the latest score during a sports broadcast, or that important sequence missed due to a distraction
  • Catch-up TV / Replay TV, Backward EPG makes past content broadcast available for on-demand. In addition to the schedule flexibility, the catch-up TV enables the traditional on-demand control over the playing of the content with pause, fast forward and rewind options.
  • nPVR / RS-DVR / n-DVR provide a network based personal video recorder. Users can schedule their favorite programs to be recorded for later watching (Shared Copy and Single Copy models and hybrid PVR/n-PVR) Capability to encrypt on the fly per event or per session
  • Video-On-Demand: Users can access to a large catalog of movies


The benefits are huge. It attracts new subscribers, reduces churn and helps develop loyalty, with simpler set-top-boxes (no need for a hard drive). The infrastructure scales smoothly with the growth of your business,  capital and operating expenses both being reduced. Operating costs can be further optimised with the monitoring of subscriber activity and new opportunities for monetising the services are presented with the option of inserting advertising into user playback.

The future of digital media is a brave new world, the full potential of which may be beyond current imagination. Whatever shape that future takes, partnering with Anevia will ensure you can adapt, evolve and scale your infrastructure to meet its demands.




ViaMotion Plus


In a single product, ViaMotion PLUS handles all the packaging, streaming and recording necessary for the preparation and network delivery of media streams to a range of targeted devices, according to distribution policy. Read more.